Are People Still Mad About Bush?

I don’t mean the Presidents as I assume plenty of people still are, but the band from which the name was spawned.

At 13, I heard and loved Swallowed and still get excited to hear it today. At that age, you like what you like and it doesn’t matter.

Being in the UK, Bush weren’t really a big thing outside of that. It took a while before I noticed that the general perception was anger towards them, so I thought I’d perform a heat check to see where we are with them.

With their next album, I’m sure I spent more than one 50p to take it out from the library. I listened to it non-stop; to, during and from school. I had a habit of foisting my musical taste on others, but Bush were my dirty little secret. No sticking their CD on in music class.

I remember looking up definitions of cerebellum and formaldehyde because they were mentioned in the lyrics. Funnily enough they have never come up since.

It was in those days that I prided myself on knowing the names of members of bands, but with Bush I didn’t bother. Gavin Rossdale was all I needed to know.

I continue to enter his name in search engines looking to verify if he does in fact support the same soccer team as me. A rumour long held from my youth is his offer of one million pounds to the club if the manager would get dreadlocks.

He was among the reasons I went to see Constantine and certainly chief among the reasons why I have ever watched an episode of The Voice UK.

I searched again to write this and now I follow him on Instagram. He has beautifully tanned feet.

What I really need to know right now is if people are still mad about Bush?

Scott Cumming enjoys reading too much to consider himself a proper writer. He resides in Aberdeen with his partner and two sons. Catch up with all his misdemeanours on Twitter @tummidge

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