Fake Belief

I wear a thin sweater

over my patience

forgetting that I’ve

waited a lifetime

for that elusive soul mate

My horoscope said –

today will bring you someone tall, dark and complicated

I’m pretty sure they meant something

Like the Ikea flatpack wardrobe

I’d had delivered that day

In desperation

I asked God to intervene

Why don’t you try those dating apps? he said

Now he won’t return any of my calls

Ghosted by God

What if love was nothing more than

really bad conspiracy theory?

Love is fleeting


Put that in your pipe

and smoke it

David Icke

Lisa Mary Armstrong is a Scottish poet and tea jenny.  She tutors law and researches women and children’s experiences of the criminal justice system.  In what’s left of her spare time she likes writing poetry and fiction and plays the piano badly.

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