On the Death of Pete Davidson

What’s cute is that you think you’re funny.

For those who think cruelty is clever,

you were the perfect blend

of Joe Piscopo and Adam Sandler

meaning there was no help

you could give to that kind

of laughter.

No one needs

to be on this Earth, let alone

off it.

But come

on, all dick jokes aside,

millions found you necessary.

I don’t know what that says

about them, but you don’t

owe anyone anything.

“Because if this is the only thing

then you might as well…”

Feel free to talk about it

any way you like, file it under


Daniel Casey lives in Baltimore, MD. His debut poetry collection It’s Not About You came out in late 2020 from Atmosphere Press. He can be found on Twitter as @OnceMoreDaniel & lurking on Insta.

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