when I open them I always
mistake them for
close ups of thumbs
bald men

or think they might
be adverts for hot dogs
until I realise they are
dick pics

that have entered
my inbox like
unsolicited plays
or spam email

there’s nothing less sexy than men
sending pictures of their penis
when you have not
solicited pictures of their penis

because there’s nothing less sexy
than a penis
when you are not horny
do you remember when

spotting a cock
used to be rare you might just see
a flash
of one in the public park or toilet

you might clock cock and balls
etched on a desk
graffitied on an underpass
fingered in dirt on backs of vans

but now
they’re everywhere
like big headed bigots
or processed meat

when I’m sent one
I usually respond
to the begging letter
in the same way
I send them a close up
of my middle finger
but they always think that
I’ve sent them a dick pic

James McDermott is a 26 year old queer playwright and poet based in East Anglia. His plays published by Samuel French include ‘Rubber Ring’ and ‘Time and Tide’. His poetry collection ‘Manatomy’ is published by Burning Eye Books. James was shortlisted for Outspoken’s Poetry Prize 2020 in the Performance Category and Commended for The Winchester Poetry Prize 2020 judged by Andrew McMillan. Twitter: @jamesliammcd

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