My Little Bite on the Side

Don’t put your paws
In the water,
Coz Jaws is there.
Don’t bother with sunblock 
If Jaws has your leg.
The big bite’s back in town,
The residents of Amity
Are shitting themselves –
Coz Jaws is here baby.
This is one movie star
With attitude.
Watch the fin scare you 
Out of your skin.
Da-dum / da-dum / da-dum / da-dum.

Robin McNamara has over 115 poems published worldwide. Poems have been placed in Saccharine Poetry, Pink Plastic House, Dreich, Full House Literary Magazine, Dream Journal, & Literary Heist. Robin’s debut chapbook, Under a Mind’s Staircase is being published with Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2021.

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