President Trump’s Non-Inaugural Dinner Menu

Trump Specialty Cocktails
Moscow Mule
Pornstar Martini
Dark n’Stormy

Pence Specialty Cocktails
Old Fashioned
Corpse Reviver

Hors d’Oeuvres
Puffed-Up Pastry
Deviled Eggs (If Mother Approves)

Amuse Bouche
‘Thigh’ Shrimp Salad
Radical Purée

Snapping Turtle
(Mitch McConnell Recipe)

Tossed, Chopped & Shredded
Unconstitutional Dressing

Poached in a Civil Rights Reduction

First Main ‘Coarse’
Liberal Tears Seasoning

Palate Cleanser
Champagne Jello Shots
Served On Trump Chocolate Commemorative Coins

Second Main Course
Chicken á la King
Over Rue-the-Day Antifa-sta

Cheese Course
Kraft Cheese Whiz
Puttin’ On The Ritz Crackers

Baked Alaska
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Flambé

President-Elect Joe Biden’s Inaugural Dinner Menu

Zoom Potluck

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