She Says The Title Should Be “Damn Right!”

A real man respects a woman

her voice

her space

her obsession with murder podcasts

and keeps his distance.

He knows not to push her

into decisions,


or movies she doesn’t want to watch

even if she says it’s “fine.”

Not because she doesn’t mean what she says

but because “fine” isn’t good enough


of course

   she says it is.

Cause then it’s great.


watch Die Hard on Christmas great

or don’t

because she doesn’t want to,

or because he loves her,

or maybe because she knows

how to commit the perfect murder.

Bryan Burdett (@BurdettBryan) is a writer by day, father by day, and gamer by day. At night, he sleeps. When he can’t sleep he sometimes reads comic books and eats waffles. Bryan likes waffles because of their many pockets.

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