Today I read that moderate drinking
can slow cognitive decline
and support high cognitive function.

Good news from med-school research, though
reprinted in a wine magazine, thus becoming
great fodder for new ad campaigns:   

    Drink wine and you’ll remember
    where you put your car keys!    

    Beer–the beverage of
    smart old people!   

   You’re old; so is our bourbon;
    so let’s drink to happy memories–
    which you will actually remember.

I have also learned–through consideration of all 
the COVID issues with respirators–
that breathing leads to immortality.

The basic science here is that
if you are still breathing
you are not dead yet.

These facts have led me to conclude
that I–prescient scientist that I am– 
will live long and happy 
if I keep breathing and drinking
for as long as I can. 

C. T. Holte was born in Minnesota without color TV; played under bridges and in cornfields; went to lots of school; has had gigs as teacher, editor, and less wordy things.  His poetry has appeared in places like Words, California Quarterly, Survival , The Raven’s Perch, Songs of Eretz, and Pensive, and has been hung from trees to celebrate the Rio Grande Bosque.  

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