One night at the Weir

One night at the Weir-pier Tavern
Standing by the bay
There was a bawdy scene
And daft, wild dismay
The Reverent James
Chased The Old Speckled Hen
As she fled the Bishop’s Finger
Old Betty Stoggs poured the ale
As Tomos Watkins piano played
The Black Sheep chewed up the sofa
While in a stray corner where no-one could see
A Hob Goblin sat with a bee
Sharing with her some Honey Dew
Then the Abbot turned up for an Ale
Proper Job said he
Mr Mcewan played the pub quiz
While the old boys looked on
Old and Peculiar
Then Timothy Taylor the landlord
Came down and exclaimed
A bloom on the Lighthouse
A Ghost Ship on the bay
They all stood quiet
Paid Tribute
To the apparition on the shore
And then returned to their ale
More for one and all.

John C Lloyd is a Welsh writer and filmmaker. He has a popular following for various properties, most recently The Man In The Hat, a multimedia avant-garde science-fiction project utilising social media and short films accessible through YouTube. He also writes a blog on film and its history and context, The Science of Cinema, and is a keen apiarist in his spare time. You can keep up with his various creative projects on Twitter, where his handle is @JohnCLloyd4.

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  1. Thought your poem was very atmosperic and enjoyed it. Don’t throw the film you took for me away, may see you again one day, times are a bit uncertain to say the least, best wishes , Vicki H.

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