Soft in the Paint’s NBA Drip Power Rankings: Weeks 4-5

Welcome to another edition of Soft in the Paint’s NBA Drip Power Rankings! Be sure to check this space often for fresh rankings of the league’s premier pregame fits.

Today’s rankings are based upon the slate of NBA games played from Jan. 9th – Jan. 20th:

Patty Mills – San Antonio’s Aussie point guard sported a delicious fit, easily taking home top honors for today’s rankings. Patty Stacks packed a punch bowl full of yellow with this fit, highlighted by a Navajo print denim trench coat. Mills has also helped lead the Spurs to a surprisingly good start as the current 5th seed in the Western Conference.

Montrezl Harrell – Trez took the smiley face drip next level with this fit. 2020’s Sixth Man of the Year looked nothing like a bench player as he beamed down the arena tunnel.

Jaxson Hayes – Jax a serious contender with these airbrush paints. Makes me wish I had kept my 1980s Looney Tunes airbrush t-shirt from Six Flags!

Evan Fournier – Denim trench coat part deux! The French shooting guard had me reminiscing on that notoriously awful (amazing) JT and Britney red carpet look.

Kelly Oubre – Wave Papi rocked that Purple Rain matching up a cactal t-shirt with his shades and sneaks. While Oubre’s on court play has been somewhat inconsistent this year, his fits have always been on point.

Josh Green – Another Aussie in today’s rankings! The Mavs’ rookie guard looked clean in this flannel jacket + track pant look. Any guess as to what’s in the takeout bag? I’m thinking it’s a Bloomin’ Onion 🙂

P.J. Tucker – The UT alum went full burnt orange featuring a very satisfying vintage Starter jacket and matching Jordans. Hook ‘em!

Kevin Huerter – Never honestly expected to see Red Velvet on this list but here he is, and once again, I’ve been sucked in solely due to my vintage Starter gear fandom.

Kyle Kuzma – In another college daze homage fit, Kuz looked like Archie with this University of Utah letterman jacket and matching flops.

Luka Doncic – Nothing special to Cool Hand Luka’s fit besides the obvious kickassness of that Mars Blackmon Nike sweatshirt!!! For those that are unfamiliar, Spike Lee’s character Mars Blackmon featured in several Nike commercials alongside the GOAT in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. After a slow start, Luka has cooked recently to the tune of averaging a ridiculous traditional split of 27pts/10rebs/9asts for the season.

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