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There comes a time in the music industry where artists venture back and forth between film and music fluidly. These celebrities start out in one realm and dabble in other art forms to expand their audience. For the next artist, she has had her hand in multiple things since she was a young age. From film, television shows to talk shows, this triple-threat has not forgotten about her love for music as well. Her name is Keke Palmer.

For almost the last twenty years, you have been introduced to the multi-faceted creative in different ways since her first role in Barbershop 2. She has appeared in many films amongst some high-profile celebrities, had her own show on Disney channel and currently serves as co-host on the daytime talk-show, Strahan, Sara & Keke. Keke Palmer is not a stranger to the music scene, releasing a debut studio album and numerous EPs. Last month, she released her latest EP, Virgo Tendencies Part II.

From listening to Keke Palmer’s music in the past, she has found her own lane in the R&B/Pop scene. In 2020, she split up her musical effort, Virgo Tendencies into two parts to showcase both genres. On her self-created label, Big Bosses Entertainment,  Part One showed a playful side of the singer with singles, Sticky & Snack. The second part of Virgo Tendencies tackled more serious topics in regards to relationships (FYG), sexuality (Hooked, Vitamin D)  and growth (Let Go & Grew From You). On the 21 minute project, she has one standalone feature from Rick Ross on the title track of the EP. 

Keke Palmer has and will always be known for being a multi-hyphenate. While she might have been in your favorite movie or tv show from years ago, it’s nice to see creatives branch out into other things and expand their artistry through different mediums. Take time to go back and listen to Keke’s discography as you will find some great songs to showcase her talent. It would be interesting to see her take her music career into the forefront and collaborate with other artists. Only time will tell.

Drunken Karaoke Writings

Virgo Tendencies

Let Go

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