Grant Me A Wish

I made a wish for three wishes
There appeared a lamp.
Rub a dub dub..
A jolly Genie manifested himself in
Front of my very eyes.
“Sir you have three wishes!”
Says he. “wonderful!” says i,
“I wish for world peace!”
Paboom! Wish was granted.

But hey, my toy soldiers disappeared,
So did my Action Man and
Star Wars figures.
Disappointed I turned on the telly,
Only to discover no war films, no war Documentaries existed!
Man, no freaking Rambo or
Chuck Norris!
I realized when I wished for
World peace, war never happened.

I had to make a second wish.
“I wish to be happy”
Kaboom! Wish was granted.
I was happy as Larry all the time,
even when I got sick, when I lost my job,
my dog, my savings and my house.
My wife even left me because
I was happy all the freaking time!

Man this wishes thing wasn’t working
The way i thought it would.
I had one final wish. “I wish to live forever.“
Whoosh! Wish was granted.
Big mistake, huge mistake.
Now I’m bored AND happy for eternity
and I’m STILL waiting for the Knicks
to win a championship!!

Robin McNamara is an Irish poet with over 90 poems published worldwide in America, Canada, Ireland and in the UK. Robin’s debut chapbook is to be published with Hedgehog Poetry Press in February 2021.

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