Where are the superheroes?

Isn’t it Marvel-

ous how they all turn invisible

when there’s a real-life crisis.

Hide in bat caves (ok, that’s DC)

or conveniently happen to be off-world,

on a distant planet (or moon), in another dimension,

or stuck (see lost) in space. It’s all strangely

upside-down. They’ve led us to believe

we need incredible, supernatural powers or abilities

to survive; they have given us false hope

of rescue. To hell with them, be your own damn superhero,

save yourself – learn to be extraordinary,

open your mind and fly.

KC Bailey’s poems reside in The Ekphrastic Review, The Hellebore, Black Bough, The Tide Rises, The Failure Baler, Eye Flash Poetry, Fevers of the Mind, 5050 Lit, & elsewhere. She practices Tai Chi and drinks Earl Grey tea, though hasn’t yet mastered the art of doing both simultaneously (Twitter: @KCBailey_Writer).

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