Ten Miracles Before Fellini

A dentist dies and is reborn as a bus driver.

A cow gives birth to a suitcase bearing a woman’s talking head iniside,

but all it says is, “Now Henry, don’t forget the milk.”

An elephant sings Nessun Dorma in Puccini’s Turandot, then goes

into a rage when he’s paid peanuts.

A bird craps on a surviving copy of The Declaration of Independence

then somehow crunches it up and wipes his behind with it.A toddler writes a Shakespearian masterpiece then hands it to a monkeywho translates it into Mandarin and commits suicide.

Two people move to the desert, get naked, only to invent the sewing machine.

A Republican votes for a Democrat then admits to his wife he was wrong

while she laughs in his face.

An old woman believing a voting machine can read minds submits a blank ballot,

hoping it will deliver a husband to her who’s a socialist.

A goat and a violin dance to a minuet,

while the bow stands aside and sips a martini.

An old man escorts his wife into a deparment store,as he says, “Mi Amor” and means it.

Nothing happens, then a small crowd applauds on an open field

and snow begins to fall.

Gene Goldfarb is a writer and poet living on Long Island in New York. Besides writing, his passions are traveling, movies, and reading. His poetry has appeared in Black Fox, SLANT, COG, Green Briar, Quiddity and elsewhere.

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