Lessons I have Learned From Watching Grey’s Anatomy For the First Time

-A doctor is hotter than a normal hot person because they can also save a life

-There are different levels of doctor training like intern, resident, apprentice and man candy without rank

-Doctors in training get really excited when they see the ambulance coming, because they all really want to do a surgery, which is slightly morbid if you think about it too long

-Brain surgeons have perfectly coiffed hair, devastatingly handsome smiles, and a real appreciation for women with angsty feminine backstories.

-Supposedly it’s ok to hookup with your “boss” at work if you work in a hospital if it’s in a sexy location like a closet or an elevator

-The hospital is the perfect place for really intense heart metaphors because “your heart will stop beating” if the hot doctor doesn’t like you just like the sad dying man’s heart will stop bleeding if you trip over the medical equipment that is helping him breath that you sometimes do because you’re clumsy and in training in a cute way

-Hallucinations aren’t a big deal if they are played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan because objectively he could be in a romance novel

-Falling in love seems way more reasonable if you know the other person can save you (or catch you) literally

-When you are having sex after live saving surgery, expect “Where does the Good Go” or “How to Save a Life” to be playing lightly in the background

-Doctors are horny, and maybe closer to their porn depictions than I previously thought.

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