Frasier Revival Begs Questions

The popular 1990s Seattle talk-radio narcissist-psychiatrist Frasier Crane is coming back. Twenty-eight years ago, Frasier left Boston and Cheers for Seattle to take care of his retired cop father, Marty. Marty was the counterpoint to Frasier’s pompousness and the sibling rivalry with his younger brother Niles (another psychiatrist). 

We’re all decades older now. Which begs all sorts of questions: 

1. Has Frasier continued dating one woman (sometimes two) per week for the last 30 years?  

2. If so, does that mean that he has dated every single straight woman living in downtown Seattle in his age bracket, possibly several times over, by now?  

3. Has the greater Seattle area reaped enough relationship advice from him yet?  

4. Is he ready to retire from the radio and/or psychiatry?  

5. Does Frasier still have a radio show in the era of podcasts?  

6. Really? 7. Does anyone still listen to the radio? 

8. Please tell me that Eddie the dog is just 150 dog-years older and not dead?  

9. Without Eddie the dog, and without Marty’s zingers chopping the brothers down to size, who would want to watch two self-absorbed psychiatrists pontificate?  

10. Does he know what to do yet with his tossed salad and scrambled eggs?  

Gwen Summers is the pen name of a physician. She wishes she could tell you who she actually is, because she is a brilliant doctor (at least her friends say so!)  She has also written for Points in Case, The Belladonna Comedy, and Little Old Lady Comedy.  

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