I went down to the roadhouse,

I got myself a beer.

I looked down at the end of the bar,

And who should be standing there

tight leathers and a faded t-shirt,

just like I remembered.

I took a drink to steady my nerves,

but it didn’t do me any good.

It was the Lizard King, in all his glory,

Ain’t nobody’s going to believe this story.

No way, no one.

Finally got my courage up

I went down and said,

“Hey Jim, what the hell are you doing here?”

He said, “You know I don’t get out too much anymore,

but I’d like to have a beer.”

He seemed pretty friendly, so I decided

to ask for his advice.

“What can you tell a struggling musician,

that I ain’t heard twice?”

He said, “Let me think…”

Meanwhile, back at the bar,

Jim is warming up

He said, “Don’t get fat or quit the band,

life is tough enough”

“Forget about that trip to Paris,

Stay away from girls named Pam.”

I thanked him for his sage advice,

I even picked up his tab.

Then I turned my head to order a beer,

and in a flash, he was gone.

There ain’t nobody gonna believe

this shit anyway.

Carl Johansen is a retired Electrical Engineer from Texas, now living in Albuquerque. He’s a singer-songwriter who enjoys producing music projects in his home studio. His self-produced CDs include: Howl Like you Mean It, 2015, Scales & Teeth, 2017 and Little Animals in 2020.

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