Post-Pandemic Reality Dating Shows

As the world returns slightly normal, dating culture looks backwards in these super romantic and highly-entertaining post-pandemic dating reality shows!

Can You Survive Another Pandemic?? You get matched with a date and you two have to buy toilet paper from a sad, understocked grocery store at peak hours, stay in solitary confinement for three months together, and ignore calls from your friends and family asking, “How you holding up?” If you still click after all that, you get to go on a second date!

#mentalhealthvibing – In this show, you and a blind date go to a couple’s therapist for a three-hour session to unpack all the trauma you experienced during the pandemic and how it has affected your ability to open up in future relationships. If your therapist thinks you two should go out again, then you get the next round: getting checked into a mental health rehab center in LA as a couple!

Vaccine Temptation Island! – You go on a series of first dates and at any point in the date, a doctor shows up and asks, “Would you like to continue this date or get your first shot of a vaccine?” 

Sanitizing Sexy! – In this dating show, you and a date are tasked with sanitizing everything in your apartment, including each other’s bodies! If the sanitizing goes well, you can go on a socially-distanced dream date to try out Purell’s first ever restaurant of fully sanitized food.

Online Dating Revenge!– In this very fun dating show, we find every single person you chatted with on every dating app and you have to meet them IRL to debrief about your relationship. An episode can last anywhere from 15 minutes to seven hours. Be ready for some great “you ghosted me” confrontations!

Catherine Weingarten is a playwright and humor writer based in NYC. SHe’s a bit too obsessed with wedding cake. Twitter: @sarahkaneissexy

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