Scary Hours 2 Poems

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What’s Next

I’m taking my time today

More than 60 seconds

It’s time to play

Removing the L’s

It’s time to pay

Collecting what’s mine

Yeah it’s time to pay

If your clock and calendar don’t match

No I’m not giving you the time of the day

I’m a sit back and it’s time to pray

That’s all I’m a say

Scratch that

two months into the year

been afraid of a relapse

You been bold backspacing on promises

And I see it’s really been ALL CAPS

World will be forever in debt

And you want us to just fucking accept 

Some people not getting a stimmy

But lube and a jimmy 

And we supposed to have some fucking respect

Only Aretha right now is Franklin’s

Mindset on Snowfall, trying to be saint

Don’t know how to thank him

Going 30 for 30

Guarding the paint

No time for complaints

Poetry Curry

Vision so clear

No never blurry

You never go punk me

I’ll never scurry 

This is just the beginning 

No need to worry

We’ll see what’s about to happen


Wants & Needs

Can’t confuse my wants with my needs

can’t live with disparity 

Always seeking the truth

And a little bit of clarity

Tired of people asking who gon be the one to marry me

Be gracious of my presence like Christmas, that’s all the merry I need

Sit down and take heed

My wants and needs one in the same

Both inanimate

I’m never folding on myself and my words

And that’s on letters, yeah I alphabet

I’m the beginning and the end

Omega and Alpha bet

Feel like a rookie 

I do this here for sport

Yeah I’m a vet


We all do that 

Made a book called Sinsations

Those feelings haven’t been vacant

They just taking a vacation

Having my hand in some negativity

Harder to get than a PlayStation

All I want is the best for me 

And that’s my dedication 

Lemon Pepper (Freestyle) (featuring Bruce Llano)

25’s a long time to say you’ve been alive

Sometimes I gotta be honest, feels like I’m living a lie

Yeah he’s the best, he’s the greatest, I got the accolades

Only thing I’m great at really is hiding the pain

Ain’t that a damn shame? 

I got a brother leavin for the service soon

A cog in a machine that’s barely serviceable 

Where you breaking down but they gon barely come service you

Bruce Llano

Maintenance light on but I’m still a driving force

At times I did feel like happiness was forced

At times I felt like I was at my worst

Then one time, it took a second that I wasn’t putting myself first

It wasn’t just the sprite to see people not obey the thirst

And then our behavior we ended up on was our worst

And like his third album, my outlook Nothing Was The Same

Stop living for them but thinking you gonna remember my name

I’m not lion, I’m a crab but I’m coming untamed

I’m not lying, tigers but I bare we’re one in the same

We both have lived a lie because we been seeking the wrong truths

We been exploring the seeds planting by seeing the roots

Compressing the pain, like we been stomping with boots

Now it’s our destiny raiding unwanted treasures with these different loots

25, 5 years apart so I got five on it

That you be uncuffed from the pain that your mind warrants

Time served should be focusing on our success

Bask in the positive and see that we blessed

Young Vegeta convos got my me on my Piccolo

Just look at the things I learned at 30 years old

30 years old

Feel like I’m a go 30 for 30

Just know I’m on my Domino’s

Imma be ready in 30

If it fall like dominoes

Just know it wasn’t for lack of foundation

Nor lack of hardwork or my dedication

Courvoisier as of late been my medication

You’ll never see me measure my success

By instant gratification

I do this for the craft

Before I do it to for the socials

Some people don’t know how to be social

If it ain’t summed in quotables

Typing ALL CAPS thinking that’s enough to be vocal

Missing the point of view, can’t fathom a focal 

Quit minimizing your reach by engaging in things only local

I love my wings

But I swear people be on some RedBull

Flying under the radar yet I can tell your head full

Meaningless ideas think you satiated food for thought

Your content ain’t even enough to stir the pot

Season yourself with some originality like this lemon pepper

If it ain’t got no flavor for your ear, you need to do better

– r.d.j.

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites

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