Good mum has made an appearance today

She’s bright and cheery

And fucking annoying if I’m being totally honest

I bet she’s high on prescription pain meds again

I’m telling you no one can be that happy in the morning

She does the dishes

Makes a beautiful meal from scratch

No microwave dinners for her children

No sir

Bad mum is rolling her eyes

And lounges on the sofa

Bad mum has Just Eat on speed dial

Her kids bring her cups of tea

Wearing worried expressions

Are you okay mum?

She nods, wincing because everything hurts like a mother

Meanwhile good mum is changing bed sheets

Mopping floors

She is blathering on about planting garden bulbs again

For the love of God please shut up woman! you beg

You can’t get her voice out of your damn head

Just get up, you can do this! she smiles sweetly

Youflip her the bird and hiss “Satan” under your breath. 

Then she’s gone

And the laundry piles up

And there’s no milk

And it’s a takeaway tonight kids

And And And

I’m so bloody tired

Bad mum misses good mum

Lisa Mary Armstrong lives in Scotland with her children.  She tutors law and researches women and children’s experiences of the criminal justice system.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and writing poetry and fiction and playing the piano.  You kind find her on twitter @earlgrey79_lisa nattering about poetry, law and other nonsense.

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