Bieber Poems

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Deserve You

I can feel my heart race fast

Feeling the rush when your hand rubs across my face

I want to be first and your last

More than a trophy to me

No gold or award can measure the things you do

You let me be all I can be

Night after night

I want you asleep next to me

I hope I don’t go back to who I was

I feel like I don’t deserve you tonight

When I’m with you, everything feels right

These feelings are strong, but I’ll keep it light

You the last voice I want to hear before bed each night

Counting sheep, hoping I see you in my dreams

Be real in the end, and let’s make everything as it seems

Love You Different

So used to the ordinary

I’m going to be a little extra

We can build up a foundation

Before I add a little texture

Before I give you diamonds

I’m applying a little pressure 

And it all starts with a simple little gesture

Just a hi, nice to meet you

Most effective way to greet you

Not over here turning tricks

I’m just trying to find a way to treat you

Don’t worry about me ghosting

This ain’t Halloween

I just want me and you together

And the in between

I would love you different

My passion is ignorant

I will never quit on you

The goal here is imminent

So sweet and decadent

Got me out of element

Being with you is a gift from God

Heaven sent

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