Justin Bieber’s Justice

For over ten years, Justin Bieber has become one of Pop’s leading artists in the music industry. He has come a long way since first diving on the scene with his first song ‘One Time’. The music sensation has found success in combining Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop and EDM in order to create some of the biggest hits over the span of his career. 

Like many artists, Justin took the pandemic to focus on his family and his music. In Feburary 2020, Justin Bieber released his fifth album entitled Changes, a project that found the musician departing his traditional mainstream sound for a more R&B driven one. Plans of a world tour, dance challenges on TikTok lead by hit singles, ‘Yummy’ and ‘Intentions’ were on the horizon until everything was shutdown due to COVID-19. During the latter months of 2020, Justin Bieber returned to the studio to record new music that would come in the form of his new album, Justice, released this March. 

During quarantine, Justin took the events happening in the world and put it all into the music. Through his music, he hoped fans would find healing and humanity while dealing with all of the events happening in the world at the time. This can be seen in the singles during his album rollout with ‘Holy’ featuring Chance The Rapper, ‘Lonely’ ‘Anyone’ and ‘Hold On’. These quartet of singles saw Justin return to his Pop sound. His R&B influences can still be seen with his latest single, Peaches featuring R&B sensations Daniel Ceaser & GIVEON. Other artists found on the project are Khalid, The Kid LAROI and Burna Boy.

Justin Bieber’s Justice album can be considered one of the best albums of his career thus far. With the pandemic, a lot of artists took the time to discuss prevalent issues going on through music and many have created some musical perfection in the last year. Justin Bieber has matured over the years and I appreciate the journey he has taken his fans over the years. He already has a deluxe version of this album planned before the end of March as well. You can listen to the album available on all music streaming platforms.

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