To the fish from 12 years ago, I blame you for my trust issue

I was having breakfast in a restaurant famous for its aquarium wall
even though… outside its window was the ocean? But forget that, I was in love, with my mountain
of fries, in this remake I’m Romeo, and the fries are Juliet in concept and poison in execution.

I’m watching the fish swim by colorful plastic reefs, or if I named the scene like a Renaissance painting:
‘Manufactured Nature giving biodiversity the middle finger ’, quite literally
since a dead fish with its head stuck in the pebbles was staring right at me.

Meanwhile a cult of fish gather around and wave hello,
saying hey we’re also eating what a coincidence,
while nibbling on the stringy flesh of their dumb dead fish acquintance.

I’m thinking in key smashes and four character groups of symbols, wondering if
this is grounds to sue for psychological damage but then, a halo of light and a voice from the future,
‘Rejoice, for in 12 years you’ll have a killer opening for your standup routine. Also, bathroom’s that way’.

Mufeng Liu is a student in Ottawa, Canada with a dream of becoming a Formula One Aerodynamicist, but what if… comedy writing… jk… unless…? 

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