My Week Annotated #NaPoWriMo Style

Eating my kids Easter egg chocolate
to assuage the minor guilt I feel
at no longer caring about
working from home
things shifted to a more
homing at work vibe

Telling myself I’m totally fine
while constantly listening
to Phoebe Bridgers
and reading Brian Alan Ellis
A copycat writer
who’ll easily get caught
assuming anyone gives a shit

Felt like a decent parent
for getting the kid out
on a nature walk down by the river
not realising it was a known
and popular
Pokemon Go hotspot
A Pikachu, two Grimers and
a Team Rocket battle
more fun than walking anyway

Chocolate eclairs
for emotional despair
dreams diced
over a cheese slice
telling yourself lies
with a slice of pie
to tell yourself you’re a happy fella
Listen to Conor Oberst
over a sharing bag of Sunburst
comfort eating uncomfortably
in tightening clothes
feeling shite means eating shite
to feel better
but ends with
feeling shite for eating shite
a real snack 22 sitch

Scott Cumming enjoys reading too much to consider himself a proper writer. He resides in Aberdeen with his partner and two sons. Catch up with all his misdemeanours on Twitter @tummidge

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