Confrontational Crotch

Praise for Confrontational Crotch:

Cannella’s book Confrontational Crotch, is a hard-hitting collection of poetry and prose about the trials and tribulations of adulting. Cannella lightens the mood with pop culture – a scene most all of us seek for comfort and redemption, whether it fall at the end of a bad day or on the verge of a nasty break up. The sharp, familiar edges of reality bite at you throughout the read with vivid recounts, while Cannella poses the question we all consider: “Are guilty pleasures the only real thing that is there for us when the entire city is on fire?” 

– C. Cimmone, Editor-in-Chief of Versification

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Megan Cannella is a Midwestern transplant living in the high desert of Nevada. She loves both making and ignoring to-do lists. She’s been in school for as long as she can remember, and she loves Real Housewives.

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