So I walk into the corner market and start talking with the owner

of the deli and meat department of the store. I’ve known him for

a long time, consider him a friend, and often buy a sandwich

or some meat from him.

“Do you know who was here just a little while ago?” he says to me.

And I respond, “Was it God? Did he come by to have you make him

a hot pastrami sandwich on rye with a piece of melted cheese?”

“You’re close!” he says, “The actor Sean Penn was here. Bought

a sandwich for himself and the woman he was with.”

Did you have a conversation with him?” I ask, and he replies.

“Not really. But he did say he was going over to Golden Gate Park

and enjoy the day.”

“Interesting!” I answer, and then I wonder If I’d been here when

he came by if I would have said anything to him. I’m not much

of a movie star fan, but I have seen some of Penn’s work and think

he’s a good actor.

“Well, don’t you consider me a star!? I say to him, and he responds

with a straight face, “I’ll treat you like a star if you buy a sandwich!”

And so I order a ham and swiss cheese sandwich with just a little lettuce

and mayo, which is what I usually order. . .

Jeffrey Zable is a teacher, musician, and writer of poetry, flash friction, and non-fiction.
His writing has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines and anthologies, more recently in
Former people, Third Wednesday, The Stray Branch, Beatnik Cowboy, The Nonconformist,
Misery Tourism, Uppagus and many others.

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