Elm Street (script cut up)

Whatever you do, you’re a million. Oh man – I love you. You’re a window. You get me.
I sleep on my porch. I dream of trouble. I went struggling out of the window.
I like a guy – you. Hit me up. Don’t stand. Don’t fall.
Relax. “What?” you ask. How long’s it been since you loved your days.
Fall by the miles so I can save you. You’re as nutty as a fruitcake, I love you.
Meet me on my porch at midnight. Meanwhile I can save you the trouble.
OK. Listen. Don’t fall asleep. It’s nailing day. Save me. You’re a window away.
You know my plan. Meet me on my porch. It’s just a case of I love you. You heard me.
Meanwhile you’re coming up on a million miles. Ask me. Meet me on my trouble.
Meanwhile I want you. I am crazy with it. It’s crazy baseball. It’s meanwhile. It’s a dream.
You midnight killer, you’re better, you’re out of a dream. You are a sure hit.
On the seventh day, how you slept. You dream, and you dream of somebody, and you dream
of a guy at midnight. Wait a minute. When you stand by the window just how long’s it been?
How would anybody love me like you. Nuts. Hold me, like a baseball bat. You’re pretty.
Hold me when I wake. Meanwhile. Fall asleep. Anyway, you’re you.
You’re fine. I’m your dream guy.  I’m a sucker. You’re midnight. I checked.
You’re a jock with a baseball bat. I’m asleep.  You’re a mom in the store. I’m struggling.
I’m up next. You’re sure you’re with me? At midnight meet me by my window.
Come away with me. My midnight, when you wake me up, hit me with your good love.
Bring me a million. Whatever you do just hold me. Meanwhile, I’m in trouble. Help me.

Lenni Sanders is a writer living in Manchester whose debut pamphlet ‘Poacher’ (2019) came out with The Emma Press. Their poetry has previously appeared in The Tangerine, Butcher’s Dog, Adjacent Pineapple and elsewhere. This March, Lenni was Digital Poet In Residence for the Poetry Business, contributing poems and a game.

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