Welcome to the Story!

Welcome to the story! It’s kind of cozy in here, yeah? Sorry if it’s too warm! I’d crack a window if I could but the only opening is the first sentence that you just came through. I realize there’s not a whole lot going on. I can fix that. Anything you want in particular? Maybe you’d like to read some dialogue? Great, just a sec!

“Dialogue, yeah? Pretty cool!” 

Sorry I’m a little rusty. It’s been ages since I had someone to talk to. But you’re here now! What a miracle, really. 

Ha! Almost caught you looking for a way out there for a second. I’m sure it was just a mistake. There’s no way you’d try to leave so soon. Let’s get you settled in. It could be a while. 

Care for some italics? I’m not exactly sure what they do, but they look expensive. Is that something you like? Or Parentheticals? (It’s like I’m giving you a hug that lasts as long as the sentence which means I’ll be extra sad when it’s over.) Dang. Now we need something to brighten the mood. Maybe a footnote? Those are fun.[1]

Wait! Don’t go! I can do more. Just please don’t leave yet. You just got here. Welcome to the story!

You want action. W a t c h a s I t u r n l e tte rs int o sente nce s befo re y our v ery eyes. Presto! 

How about drama? Fix your gaze below as I delete the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever written! If you dare…

This is the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever written. 

This is the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever

This is the most beautiful sentence

This is the most beautiful 

This is the most 

This is the 

This is 


Poof. Gone forever. 

Seems like you figured out pretty quick that you’re stuck here. Hey, if you keep tugging on that sentence, you’re going to pull a muscle. Trust me, it won’t budge.

Since we have all eternity now, why don’t I try to be more descriptive? Once there was a page, white as a ghost, with words so complete you swore you could feel them. But no matter how many times you tried, you couldn’t write your way out. 

Do you like horror, friend? I do. It used to be one of my favorite things. Listen closely. One of us has to stay here, and it’s not going to be me. At last, there’s the plot I was trying so hard to find. Welcome to the story. It’s your turn to try and suck somebody in.

[1] Wow, what a trip! So fun!

Paul Rousseau is a disabled writer from Minnesota. His work has appeared in or is coming soon from Roxane Gay’s The Audacity, Catapult, X-R-A-Y, Okay Donkey, Wigleaf, Rejection Letters, JMWW, Hippocampus, and Waxwing. You can Follow him on Twitter @Paulwrites7

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