The Economics of Tuna

I see it with an ordinary can of tuna fish.

It was down to 5 and ¼ ounces for a long time.

Then the other day I spied this standard can

had gone down to 5 ounces even.

(And I’m not looking at dry weight.)

“Sneak inflation” I call it.

Pretty soon, it’ll be all can and no fish,

only the smell of it inside.

So it’s not only yogurt that’s getting micro.

And I don’t have to tighten my belt,

only put more holes in it.       

Gene Goldfarb is a writer and poet living on Long Island in New York. Besides writing, his passions are traveling, movies, and reading. His poetry has appeared in Black Fox, SLANT, COG, Green Briar, Quiddity and elsewhere.

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