I Told Those Blue Eyes At The Bar

“I was getting a TB nightcap on the way home.”

“Good for you, it’s better than being alone,” Wink. 

In the car, it hit me: TB, nope, they were not thinking, Taco Bell.

But, since tea sort of came up, for sure I was going to get an extra-large iced, 

instead of the same old Mountain Dew, and something crunchy.

I always need that crunch. So, it would be Iced Tea, two Doritos Locos

Tacos, a Crunchwrap Supreme, and Cinnamon Twists.

I was 5 minutes away… 

4…. maybe brake lights…

3… maybe I’m dreaming…

2… shit, those are brake lights.

I knew what was ahead, and prepared for the Taco Bell landing: where the drive-thru line

spills over onto the road and then,

brake light, after brake light, after brake light becomes the Taco Bell 

Strobe Show: red solid, red flash, red solid, red flash.

So I sat back in the TB late-night-drive-thru. Closed my eyes— I could smell the sweet sugar-cinnamon— and iTuned my go-to club classic: La Bouche:

La da da dee da da… you gotta feel secure…before I make you mine…

you have to be sure…you wanna be my lover…

David Calogero Centorbi is a writer that in the 90s earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Now, he is writing and working in Detroit, MI. Published work in Anti-Heroin Chic, The Daily Drunk, Drunk Monkeys, Horror Sleaze Trash, Schuylkill Valley Journal Dispatches, and Tiny Molecules. He is also a regular monthly contributor at Versification.

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