Welcome to Your New Double Blue Star Toaster Oven!

Thank you for purchased Double Blue Star Oven which will fast be your main choice in the kitchen for cookery.  So many tasty, fast foods can be arranged for your table now!  The clean-up of ease will delight the chief.

Firstly, some few safety guides:
 •Never immerse your oven in water for cleaned, if plugged in or not.  It is not proved for fluid         durability.
•Never stick metal prong or other into oven, whether cooking function is not or on.  Dangerous         electricity damage to oven and user potentially.
•Do not running of oven function and toaster at one time togethers.  Please choose one only to do         per event.
•Do not use in restroom area ever due to prevalence of water usage and unsafe situations.

Now, we are ready for using!  For toaster function, move lever to right to chosen “TOASTER” icon (similar to slice bread).  Place bread piece or half bagal inside top area holder slot.  Press red lever on left side down to click lock position.  Choose on rotational dial for darkness of bake function of bread or bagal:  far right equals warm only; far left equals charred products.  Easily! the bread/bagal will magicly pop up to top on it’s own time!  Your toasterd item is now prefect!

For oven using, pull glass door down on handle to open.  There is two inches of thickness for ovening items. Make for sure foodstuff does not contact hot coiling above.  Fires may ensue!  So, close door and set temperature on rotational dial by degree desiring.  Oven automaticly cooks now!  You chose when item is eatable!

Enjoy your excellent grade Double Blue Star apliance and bone apetite!

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