If the Wedding at Cana Took Place in Hosston, Lou’siana, Population 318

Mary done tells Jesus,

“Son, they are out of sweet tea.

Run go make us some more.”

Jesus says, “No ma’am,

that ain’t nothin’ to do with me.

It ain’t my time yet, Mama.”

Mary, plumb ignoring him,

tells the caterers (Grannie,

Cousin Loubelle, and Aunt Cherie)

“Y’all just do whatever he says,

never mind him.” And Jesus,

pushing his cowboy hat ‘hind his ears,

answers, “Shoot.  Alright, now,

y’all bring them jelly jars over here,

fill ‘em with water from the bayou.”

When they do, Uncle Beau spits out 

his Red Man into a Coke bottle

and tastes the new sweet tea

the groom hands him. “Damn, Jim-Bob, 

you done saved the best for last.”  

And so, Jesus performs the first miracle,

and all the Disciples—John, Paul,

Andrew, Bartholomew, Billy Ray,

Billy Joe, Cooter, Duane, Wade,

Wilbur, Buddy, and Li’l Cletus—

shoot their Colts in the air in salute. 

“You done good, Boy, you done good!

And when all the sweet tea’s drunk 

again, them Disciples and wedding guests 

pop back ten coolers of Bud.  Done and done.  A-men.

JC Reilly has spent most of her life in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Atlanta, Georgia, but dreams about moving to somewhere near Nashville,Tennessee.  (Not to sing! Ain’t nobody wants to hear that!)  Her Southern Gothic novel-in-verse, What Magick May Not Alter, came out last year from Madville Publishing.  Follow her @aishatonu.

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