The Induction of Jesus Upon The Second Coming

Anyone can photoshop walking on water,

also, scientists will speak of salt water, floating ice,

viscosity, density, surface tension et cetera

to explain that you didn’t actually walk on water.

Anyone can rise from the dead, 2pac has been

spotted every time the UN needed a distraction.

In fact, a gypsy pushed their fingers

into the craters in his chest & they weren’t

even in doubt, it was for a selfie.

Pac didn’t ascend and we know why,

ever since a bored lad resting under an apple tree

caught sight of an apple falling like Iscariot’s body

after the rope broke under his dead weight

& the bored lad sought to know why

objects never fell up & why some have spilling

insides when they touch the ground.

What do we do with soil blackened by blood?

we pour water on it like we do on all the isms

that form our mountains & hatch our albatrosses.

And also, people won’t wait for Peter’s crow,

they will google you

& only show their favourite parts of the results

so if you won’t change water into wine,

don’t walk around saying you’re Jesus.

Dzikamayi Chando is from Gweru, Zimbabwe. He doesn’t drink & drive, you can find him jaywalking on twitter @dzikamayic.

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