I am Dave Reviews: This is What Happens When you Leave Me Alone

Poery is iussualy about trees and moon stuf or peronal experience and This one is it alll. Speakerr is lot like Robins by buddy DT. He gooes big into felin sad somtimes and manic oterhs! Liek: Long sntences for big anxiousity! Poem abuot poem and peoms peopll do onliene too I think! Not Dabe thuough! Joekesing about the moon sometime and wrstling and trauma. Lotaf jokes but seruous too! Who is DT Robins? Good qeustion and he assk for yuo in teh Book so we csn aska sdteogetehr. Probaly like 40 thuih becauses of the jokes about 1990s! Remnidning me pf other pots ouour friend sonline lik Branalan Elis and Calvin Gonzlez! Noutdave Thyough just DT Robings. Washing more somthing excited sometimes but a good firt one.

Seeyou next day DT!

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