That afternoon, following quite a busy morning, Rabbit sat down and crossed the final item off of his to-do list:

  1. Replenish honey eaten (again) by Pooh
  2. Mend the fence around the rutabaga patch damaged (again) by Tigger
  3. Find Eeyore’s tail (again)
  4. Collect debris that Roo has left (again) along the path to the Sandy Pit
  5. Sweep and mop interior floors dirtied (again) by Piglet
  6. Listen (again) to Owl’s incessant droning
  7. Fill the holes Gopher has (again) dug around the cabbages
  8. Harvest the (again) too small carrots, beets, and turnips
  9. Prepare lunch for Christopher Robin and plead (again) for better fertilizer
  10. Bury the bodies

Matt Schultz has transitioned from drinking stouts to quaffing lagers. It’s summer, drunks!

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