Danielle’s Dream Date Finder

Complete the questionnaire for a customized synopsis of your love life along with your Dream Date. You’ll be amazed at the accuracy.

  1. What is your “dream” first date?
    1. Coffee at Burger King
    2. Visit a sex club after splitting the check on Poke 
    3. 1990s movie trivia night with your book club 
    4. Other 

  2. Profession of your “dream” date?
    1. Sales
    2. Makes lots of money, how doesn’t matter 
    3. Works at a gun range
    4. Other

  3. Who is the most sexually appealing to you?
    1. Nicki Minaj
    2. Pre-1990 Mickey Rourke
    3. Post-1990 Mickey Rourke
    4. Other 

  4. Which of the following would you find most appalling in a date?
    1. Owns Charo’s Greatest Long Songs Volume 3 on cassette tape
    2. Owns a washer/dryer
    3. Has a landline 
    4. Other 

  5. How do you order your movie popcorn?
    1. Buttery
    2. Plain
    3. Only eats green M&Ms at the movies
    4. Other 

  6. At what point in a relationship are you ready to make a commitment?
    1. After seeing them naked
    2. Before seeing them naked
    3. While seeing them naked
    4. Other 

  7. Would you consider hooking up in a car on a first date?
    1. Of course
    2. What’s the make and model of the car?
    3. I only travel on public transportation
    4. Other

Add up the points received for each question:

Choice 1 = 5 points

Choice 2 = 3 points

Choice 3 = 1 point

Choice 4 = ½ point

Total your score and check below for your customized love life synopsis and Dream Date.


You’re conservative but you’ve got a wild streak, a streak that has gotten you into trouble.

Dream Date: Ryan Seacrest or Omarosa Manigault Newman


You’re afraid of the truth. 

Dream Date: Johnny Depp 


You know your likes and dislikes. 

Dream Date: Any member of BTS


You’re fun to date, but you’re not going to get a marriage proposal any time soon.

Dream Date: Taylor Swift or Sharon Stone


You’re odd but content with your life. You have a chance at happiness.

Dream Date: Alanis Morrissette, Steve Buscemi, Cher or Tiffany Haddish

Less than 10

You don’t have a lot going for you. Learn how to be the best friend.

Dream Date: Jerry O’Connell or Lindsay Graham

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