Unrequited Follow on a #writerslift

I thought you’d click the little button.

I didn’t think we needed to read all each other’s stuff, 

message back and forth with critiques and notes or go to book signings where we put on smiling faces.

I didn’t think I’d be your biggest fan, your Anne Wilkes or something a little less creepy…if you prefer. 

I thought maybe you’d see a few of my posts and give them a like or maybe hit retweet once in a while to give me a boost. 

I thought maybe you’d see a title that caught your eye and wanna read a little more, 

maybe comment on a witty observation or a line you thought was cool. 

Instead, I’m another tally in your lopsided ratio, another number in a sea of many.

I won’t give you the satisfaction of unfollowing because that’s just not cool.

I’ll just use your next #writerslift to put myself out into the world for others to see and maybe click the hyperlink and give me a follow,

even though you didn’t.

Matt McGuirk teaches and laughs at his puns by day and scribbles stories nightly. He lives with his family in rural New Hampshire. Words in The Daily Drunk Magazine, Goat’s Milk, Idle Ink, Literally Stories, New World Writing, Sleet Magazine and Versification. Twitter handle: @McguirkMatthew and Instagram @mcguirk_matthew.

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