The Boys Are Back In Town And They’re Playing The Boys Are Back In Town But Does This Town Really Want The Boys Back In It?

We are the weekend warriors

Day One party animals

The ones who rage

The ones you never want to bump into at the supermarket

Yet always seem to

We’re back baby

Back to shouting our high school graduating year

Every chance we get

As if it were a badge

As if it wasn’t eight years ago    

As if it meant anything other than

The year we somehow graduated high school

We are back

And I know what you’re thinking

You boys never actually left his town



Up until recently the bars have been closed

And the boys


Have not been buzzing

But not anymore

We are back and our jukebox choices

Should elucidate that

Though if that doesn’t make our intentions clear

The fact that we’re never going to let you

Or anybody else

Get anywhere close to this music machine

Absolutely should.

Sean Zucker is a New York based writer and editor. He currently serves as editorial director at and is prettier than you expected. More at or @seanzucker.

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