God Bless the French

I have a son. Well, two sons, but this is about one. He must be French. I say so because out of his mouth, poop becomes le poo, pee becomes oui oui. I watch Le Bureau des Légendes in its mother tongue, with subtitles. For all I know, the title translates to “The Bureau Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” But if my son’s verbal skills were more developed? He could translate for me. No more reading while watching. Dare I imagine the splendor of his two-year-old voice reciting Malotru and Nadia’s lines? An early-morning viewing on AMC+, my son and his lilting French accent telling me the story of a doomed love affair. Breaking my heart as we eat croissants and drink la chicorée.

T.L. States lives in Tucson with his family, and his writing can be found at HAD, Back Patio, Maudlin House, and other places. He can be found on Twitter as @epmornsesh.

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