What’s the Deal?

What’s the deal with autocorrect?
tried to Google Seinfeld
got Hailee Steinfeld instead, I am
not upset rather perplexed that
she was young actress from True Grit

As I mentioned before,
I tried to Google Seinfeld –
you know Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine
from the critically-acclaimed sitcom

Rather Google prefers I’d get
stung instead, Bumblebee also
starring Hailee Steinfeld

Well well well Google
time will tell if you will ever
give me an accurate search

but upon me now is knowledge
that she was in Pitch Perfect 3
and also in Dickinson both playing
a character named Emily.

This is Zach’s first Seinfeld inspired poem. He hopes to one day have the same amount of George. 

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