Bike Cop

Bike cop?

Bike cop

Bike cop!

I can attest that I have 

read only six pages of

Infinite Jest, I don’t gamble

or bet but I bet windowless

casinos have central air – 

I bare my soul barely before

6 A.M. night owls hoot for

some Tylenol PM or so I can

only imagine 

If I was going over the limit 

blame Spider-Man or Danny Phantom 

you’re right – those are cartoons 

no one is laughing 

Bike cop! Do you ever stop 

to wonder about dinosaurs

in ugly Christmas sweaters?

Or is that some kind of witch hex?

What if we – that is right,

I said I don’t bet – darn it. 

Guess you’ll need to let me go

Great talk, very thorough 



Zach was inspired to write this after listening to Aesop Rock. 

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