Summer Walker: Still Over It

Summer Walker is one of R&B’s most talented artists of today. With her debut album, Over It, she received critical acclaim and notoriety for her pure, raw honesty in her music that many people can relate to in their own relationships. Since her first album, she has gone through a lot in her personal life dealing with a breakup and the birth of her new baby. A few years later, she returns with her sophomore effort, Still Over It, and she picks up right where she left off.

Now the rollout of her album was overshadowed at first with her publicized breakup with her go-to producer, London on the Track, she took the moments and put them in her songs for this 20 track project. The track starts off just as we expected her to feel, Bitter featuring a narration from Cardi B. From a few listens, you can tell that each of the songs were written during a time period of where she was emotionally, dealing with all of the things going on in her personal life. She led the project with the first single, Ex For A Reason, featuring JT from the City Girls. SZA, Ari Lennox, Lil’ Durk, Pharell Williams, Omarion & Ciara also round out the features for this album. 

From the production standpoint, I’m glad that Summer Walker took the time to branch out to other producers, such as Timbaland and Neptunes. The emotional journey she takes listeners on is a perfect story from beginning to end; one can see how she went from being fed up from the events that happened to realizing her self-worth and moving on. Summer Walker will continue to be a reckoning force in the music industry. This album will be a soundtrack for a lot of women and will be featured on a lot of people’s social medias for the coming winter months. You can check out Still Over It on all music streaming services.


Dealing with insecurities 

Thinking you Issa

Your happiness shorter than a trailer

Not even a teaser

Not even sweating it no more that I couldn’t appease her


Yeah I’m done playing games 

Recess over

Relationship squid games

Couldn’t run your ass over

Unplugged from your heart

Since mine couldn’t controller 

Couldn’t carry this to term

So I’m throwing away the stroller

Yes I treat love like it was our baby

Babe was the nickname you gave me

And I gave it back to that pig that you try to make me

I had to buckle up after it all

Driving through it all with the safety

You not gonna have me out here looking crazy 

With your bitter ass


You love the theatrics

Saying it’s nothing but semantics

Done with your antics

And being taken for granted

Like I was the ticket to your circus

One of the stars in your show

Got me feeling like it’s a Verzuz

Between an MC and a trapeze artist

Hope those restraints in your mind

Hold up more than you can harness

Flipping to conclusions

While I’m concluding my thoughts

Saying this is what you bring to the table

This is what you brought

This is who you wanted

This is who you sought

You were the lesson

And you were that taught

And I was the best you ever had

And I hope you never forgot


Fanning the fumes

But I’m loving the scent

Carnal sensations


Had me spent

Yeah spending all my time

While you spending all your money

Kisses were like cannabis

And I’ll take my love edible like honey

During that time 

Couldn’t get you out my mind

That you made me forget about everything

And I just wanted what’s mine

Is yours

And what’s yours is mine

I’ll still write about that period from time to time


Weezing and Koffing

Like we dealing with Pokémon

Playing with you is not a new phenomenon 

You like when we play this game of one on one

Well lights on

Ball in your court 

Come on

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites

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