Store Review: Harry Potter New York

Address: 935 Broadway, New York City (at 22nd Street) 

Facilities: Two side by side, square-shaped, single occupancy restrooms with brass latch locks, downstairs, no direct access from street level on Broadway or Fifth Avenue

Assigned Gender Use: None

Wait time: app. 15 minutes, varies

Square Feet: app. 65 each

Door: gray, industrial metal

Tile: plain white ceramic, on all four walls

Floor: Gray slate

Toilets: One, American Standard, white, porcelain, white plastic seat, positioned on the left side of restroom, motion sensor, sits relatively low to the floor, flush was powerful, thorough, appr. 1.3 gallons per flush

Handrails: Three. Aluminum. One behind toilet, two adjacent to toilet

Toilet roll dispensers: One, aluminum, adjacent to toilet, holds two rolls, each readily available, two extra loose rolls were placed on top of the handrails

Stalls: None

Urinals: None

Bidet: None

Attendant: None

Sink: One, white, porcelain, three feet wide, app 4 feet off the floor, square aluminum faucet, motion sensor, oval porcelain bowl, water dispensed with a light but even flow 

Light fixture: One, narrow, rectangular, app. 4 inches wide, three feet high, parallel to the mirror, medium brightness, no overhead fluorescent fixture

Mirror: One, rectangular, app 6 ft high, 3 ft wide, 4 ft off the floor. Plain metal frame

Fire Alarm: One, square, red lettering, west wall, mounted 7 feet above floor

Dryer: One, Dyson Airblade, mounted 5 feet from floor, air flow was vigorous but not overwhelming, cool to the touch, dried hands fully in app. 20-25 seconds.

Paper Towels: None 

Paper Towel Dispenser: None

Soap:  Method brand, from a loose plastic bottle, sitting on washstand, no built-in dispenser

Waste Basket: One, black plastic, large, with large black plastic bin liner, 2/3 full, not built in

Electrical Outlet: One, white, adjacent to sink, holds two three prong plugs 

Garment Hook: One, Aluminum, T shaped, appr. 3 inches wide, mounted on the door

Cleanliness: Impressively hygienic, given the high turnover. Odorless, no graffiti, vandalism, towels on floor 

Dementors: Two

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