Love is Blind: I Hate That I Love You

I hate myself for writing this.  I never imagined a world where I’d be recommending a reality TV show – let alone one called “Love is Blind.”  I’ve never been a reality TV guy.  I always used to sprint from any water cooler conversation about the sexual deviance between two unsuspecting clout chasers on the Real World or what occurred in the latest episode of the Bachelor.  Of course, I later googled and dove deeply into what they were talking about, but the point is I publicly pretended not to care and that should count for something, no?!  I’m a hero.  OK, I’m not a hero. I just always wanted to put that sentence into words, just let me have it.  

I hate to say it but this show is actually good – like really good.  When season one came out, everyone at work was talking about it, including my fiance who generally has respectable taste in television besides her love for horrendous Adam Sandler movies like Jack & Jill.  I know, I know.  As season 1 dropped more episodes I heard more about LIB (little acronym I made for Love is Blind) than fucking Game of Thrones.  So, when season two came out, I won’t lie I was playing hard to get, but I had no clue I was about to be seduced by the irresistible casanova that was LIBS2 (Love is blind season 2 acronym, get it together).

The simple basis of Love is Blind is a group of men and women go on dates in solitary “pods”, where they can’t see each other.  They form connections purely through audio and absurdly quickly fall for each other, enter relationships and get engaged.  The first time couples actually meet is shortly after a proposal is accepted.  I can’t imagine my poor fiance’s reaction if that was the first time she actually met me.  I, on the other hand, would be psyched!  Bruh, my girls a bad bitch.  Fine, I won’t call you bruh again, but I stand behind the statement.

Several women and men catch feelings for each other which is a delicious recipe for drama.  Proposals are rejected, incompatible couples end up together, people don’t find each other attractive after getting engaged and some people even fall in genuine love which is obviously the most boring part.

Once a few proposals are official the couples are surprised as they go on their honeymoon as a large group. If there’s any recipe for awkwardness and tension it’s going on a honeymoon with your fiance after your other hopeful fiance rejected your proposal. Can you honestly imagine that? If you felt a girl was the one so you proposed to her. Then she rejected you, so you proposed to a second person, they accepted and suddenly you were on a honeymoon with all of them? It’s about to get real between those two girls. Rear! That’s a cast noise, in case you were confused, Honestly, I am too, a lot’s happening. Let’s just put it behind us. Seriously though, I hate to say it, truly I do, but this show is addictive. It’s perfect for your next binging escapade.

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