Dear Sita,

Relationships are void/without/action.A hey you/cool/or okay/really is not/ a response/ you would know/your wife says actions speak louder than words/. I’m still smart/ even though I haven’t graduated/ yet/ Don’t accidentally/ gas light/ your love;/ I know you’re smarter/ than that/ to say/ you screwed/ up./ Take accountability/. Do what you will say/. I know you are so tired/ from your illness that comes and goes without predictability/but it’s not an excuse./ Your spouse got migraines/every weekend/ from a shitty job/and stayed just so you could go to therapy/. What do you think about that/?/ I took care of you/ and I am still/ taking care of you/ through your volcanoes/ in your/brain/. Sometimes/ I need my space/ and remember that time/ at the cheap store in Stars Hollow  where I bought/ the PJs that/say/NEED MY SPACE?/ It’s still/true/ You need it too/.

Lorelai Gilmore

Sita Gaia (they/she) and  is a Queer Social  Advocate. They help people with disabilities so they can live their best life. They are the author of the chapbook “Knocking On The Body’s Door: Poems to Read on the Bathroom Floor (Prolific Pulse Press LLC 2021). They have also been published in Kissing Dynamite, Fine Lines Press, Anti Heroin Chic. They are most proud of their TEDx talk “The Hell Of Chronic Illness” You can connect with them on Instagram @sitagaia_poetry. 

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