Max Creeps ‘Nein’ Album Review 

Max Creeps’ ‘Nein’ is the ultimate feel good punk record. So bad it’s good, stripped down, shouty, headbanging groove. 

Duff McKagan and the other guy, along with a load of secret guest stars on different tracks, bop their way through this 9 track facemelter that starts with a cry to ‘Burn It Down’ and ends with a history lesson in ‘Hung Drawn and Quartered (1424)’. 

What I love about this album is its simplicity and pulse. Dripping with nostalgia, the enthusiasm, the joy and the love that went into each song oozes out of the speakers, infecting the mind of the listener. 

‘Nein’ takes me back to my teenage years and early twenties, when I was playing guitar in bands, going to shows, getting wasted and chasing the dream to the end of each and every night. 

After listening to ‘Nein’ for the tenth time in a row you may be tempted to rip your tie off, throw your work laptop through the window, storm out of your 8-6 office job, trade your meager possessions for a beat up van, a Marshall amp, a Gibson guitar, and a dream. 

My advice? Do it, motherfucker.

Simon Alderwick is originally from England but has spent most of the last eight years in the Philippines. His poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Acropolis, Magma, Dust, Ink Sweat & Tears, Acid Bath, Cape, The Telegraph, Impractical Things and InkDrinkers, among others.Twitter: @SimonAlderwick 

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