A Verily Worthy Mead of Thor: Love and Thunder: Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead

In a wonder of swirling cosmos, I looketh thee, Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead, and I say, merrily I surrender to you a kingdom of screamin’ goats. It hath been a slaughtering torment of maybe a few years since I’ve sampled a mead, but when I braved the crowds to enter the movie theater to see Thor: Love and Thunder, I thought, “Where’s my mead? I thinketh me needs a hammering.” 

Fortunately, my trustworthy mate, Nate, ran to the store and found Hidden Legend Mead, which I believe is the Stormbreaker of all beverages. First of all, the top is smothered in beeswax, which is a good sign. After just one sip, I sensed that thousands of Asgardian bees sourced the choicest of Asgardian flowers to make something that Thor himself would say, “This drink, I like it. Another!”

It has a deep, honey flavor that Zeus himself would envy. A barrel of this stuff would power a Viking ship that flies at the speed of lightning and thunder. So, here are a few takeaways from the movie, Thor: Love and Thunder and this Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead:

–We are all Asgardians, at least while drinking Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead.

–Zeus is actually a jerk. Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead helps.

–It’s okay to feel shitty. In fact, it’s great because that means you had true love. Grab a Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead and toast that feeling, again, and again, and again.

–Find your Mjölnir. Two hammers are better than one.

Cecilia Kennedy once taught Spanish and English courses in Ohio for many years. She now lives in the Greater Seattle area, and writes horror stories. Her blog (Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks: https://fixinleaksnleeksdiy.blog/) chronicles her humorous (and perhaps scary?) attempts at cooking and home repair.

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