Carrie Comes Home

and her mother isn’t wielding a knife

her mother wouldn’t even consider shoving her daughter

into a closet

there is no babbling about sin

in Carrie’s mother’s home

Carrie comes home

and her mother doesn’t ask any questions

about the blood

her mother tells her it’ll be alright

that she’ll love her no matter what

that maybe they can run away somewhere new

and warm

or maybe

Carrie comes home

and her mother isn’t there

there has never even been a mother

so there is no blood to ignore or wash out

there is no closet

the stones stay put

the pigs wallow

Carrie makes a sandwich

turns on the tv

sleeps dreamlessly 

Kimberly Wolf is a poet and parent living in Texas. She can often be found dreaming of a mountain. You can find more of her work at

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