The Banned Book Table at the Annual Texas Republican Poikilotherm Society Conference

By Hannah Grieco, K.C. Mead-Brewer, DW McKinney, aureleo sans, and Tara Stillions Whitehead

  1. Chickens Are From Mercury; Snakes Are In Uranus
  2. How the Necromancer Got His Groove Back
  3. Venom On Her Breath: The Meredith Vieira Story
  4. Feathers in The Esophagus
  5. Don’t Bite The Snake Charmer’s Snake That Bites You
  6. That Snake Has Legs! It’s a Lizard! Kill It!
  7. The Hissing Death; Or, The Final Days of Maggie Fell; Or, What We Tell Ourselves About the Fire
  8. How Their Gravestones Tilt Like Fangs
  9. Cloacal Orgasms for Dummies
  10. The Diary of Fiona Daily and Other Stolen Objects
  11. Buk Buk: It’s What’s For Dinner
  12. The Scales Beneath His Nails
  13. 2 Cloacas Become 1
  14. Hiss Hiss Hiss: I Love You
  15. Her Name Was Meredith Viera, My Snake Pet
  16. Their Small Bodies Submarined in the War
  17. Help! I Married a Ball Python & Other Bridal Catastrophes!
  18. Drumstick: The Tale of a Plucky Lad
  19. Cold-hearted Cobra: Animal Husbandry for the Amateur Exoticist
  20. Chicken Ranch Chainsaw Massacre II: When Brothels Go Bloody
  21. Herpetologists Gone Wild: Gluttony and the Glory Hole Hunter
  22. Your Snake is a Haunted House; Your House is a Haunted Terrarium
  23. The Eternal Craving of Chicken
  24. Cockfight: When Chickens Go To War Against Themselves
  25. Coldblooded Connie: A Snake on the Loose
  26. Eat My Wife: Erotica for the Undead
  27. This Ectoplasmic Jizz is On Fire
  28. Eat My Snake: She is Immortal
  29. Eggplay: How Not to Crack Under Pressure
  30. The Chicken & The Snake: Which Came First (In Bed)
  31. Snake Soup for the Soul
  32. Swallow You Whole; Or, The Lump in His Throat
  33. Her Skin in Stripes and Diamonds
  34. The Coral Widow’s Kiss
  35. In His Clutch, In Her Coils
  36. Taxidermy Fowl
  37. The Herpetologist in the Hen House: A New Millennium Romance Story
  38. Clucks and Ducks and Other Fowl Fetishes
  39. There’s No Basement in the Alamo
  40. Within His Distended Jaw
  41. Spitting Cobra, Don’t Spit on Me
  42. Snake Eyes: Mesmerizing the Man Next Door
  43. Two Rattles, One Cup: A Cookbook
  44. To Serve Face: The Ghost Housekeeping Guide to Drag Etiquette Beyond the Grave
  45. Webster’s Cluck-Infernal Dictionary for Satanists

DW, aureleo, Tara, K.C., and Hannah are a writing collective to watch. We are the Big Gulp you get behind the Circle K. Find us on the corner. Find us on the sun.

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