2023 Oscars Contest

It’s that time of the year again! Oscar season is back, baby! The time when our favorite movie stars shine the brightest. The time when you tell yourself that you won’t care who wins or won’t tune in because these award shows don’t matter, but then continue to be vexed about all of your favorites not receiving the awards you believed they deserved. Just know I am here with you. With the Academy Awards on the horizon, only one survey system matters and has to make its triumphant return. The Daily Drunk is back to save the day. The Second Annual DD Oscar Nominations brought in so many votes and close competition this past year, and we just can’t wait for the same turnout this year. 

Like the previous two years, the survey is attached to this article with every category for the upcoming Academy Awards and every nominee for their respective category. You must choose which one you think will win in each category, and the person who gets the most correct will take home their very own Daily Drunk book of their choice from our catalog. They’re all guaranteed heat, so you won’t be missing out on any quality with whatever you choose. The DD Family is just that good at what we do! 

Good luck to everyone tapping in and voting in the upcoming weeks. Let’s see who will be taking home some Oscars in the 95th Academy Awards ceremony and who will be receiving some Daily Drunk soft cover content. The poll will close on March 11th, the day before the Oscars ceremony, so get to voting!

Cast your votes here!

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